User Research Intern - NBC Universal


  • Implement survey hooks for both NBC News and the Today Show websites
  • Analyze survey data from NBC News and the Today Show websites
  • Conduct usability tests on the following products:
    • NBC News mobile app
    • NBC News Roku app
    • NBC News Amazon Fire app

Project Spotlight - NBC News Mobile App


  • Understand need for research from product and development team
  • Recruit target users (those who have the NBC News mobile app downloaded to their phone and use it regularly)
  • Develop test protocol
  • Moderate tests and collect data
  • Analyze and report back to the team with recommendations

Test Protocol:

Conducted in person semi-structured interviews diving into:

  • News consumption
  • How long they have had the app
  • How often they use the app
  • Show me how they use the app normally (what functionality do they use)

Test Environment:

  • Private conference room
  • Mobile phone on desk in front of participant
  • Webcam on top of a paper towel roll pointed down at the phone screen
  • TV recording the webcam footage of participant interacting with the application

Analysis Breakdown:

  • Overall app usage / behavior by participant familiarity (experienced versus new users)
  • iPhone versus android users' behaviors
  • By page findings
  • Additional takeaways
  • Summary / Big takeaways

Most of the analysis was done using whiteboards and sticky notes to uncover trends by page in the app and by participant.