Usability Research - Glympse Mobile App

Human Centered Design & Engineering, Master's Program

Description of Project:

For a quarter, my team investigated the Glympse mobile application, which allows users to share their real-time location with family and friends so that they may track them for a selected period of time. Glympse is a platform that can be sold to other companies, but we will be focusing on the functionality of the consumer Glympse mobile app. We gathered information from our clients, set up and conducted a usability test on the prototype, and reported back our findings.

Client Goals:

Our client was the Glympse UX and Design team, who were primarily interested in the usability of their newly re-designed app. They wanted to know if people will understand the new features of the redesign (specifics protected by a NDA) and appreciate those changes. The client had also seen many people use the app once and never use it again, so they wanted to know how to keep users engaged.

Target Users:

  • The general population - anyone who wants to share his/her location with someone else (e.g., someone who wants to track his/her pizza delivery, two friends meeting up for drinks, a mom who wants to see her kids get to school safely, etc.)
  • Tech-savvy millennials
  • New users versus existing users
  • iOS users versus Android users (however, the client noted that the Android app is much further along with development)

Key Tasks:

  • The user is able to _____ [NDA] in the app.
  • The user is able to use _____ [NDA] and share their real-time location.
  • The user is able to set up _____ [NDA] in the app.
  • The user is able to use _____ [NDA] to share a real-time location.
  • The user is able to _____ [NDA].

Usability Test Kit:

  • Screener
  • Script
  • Participant Task Sheet
  • Pre-test questionnaire
  • Post-task questions
  • Post-test questionnaire
  • Data-logging / note-taking forms
  • Consent form & NDA