Interaction Design FTE - FUJIFILM Sonosite

Current Job


  • Work cross-functionally with Human Factors, Software, and our internal Clinical Specialists to define product design
  • Utilize user research and human factors testing to create intuitive, simple designs 
  • Sketch and prototype wireframes in Axure
  • Design and create useful design specifications for software to implement and system verification and validation
  • Projects:
    • New ultrasound technology (NDA)
    • Updating Legacy product designs to accommodate for bugs, customer complaints, and risks from the field


  1. Participate in and assist user research
  2. Generate personas and 'I Need' statements from identified user groups
  3. Gather and understand system requirements, business objectives, and marketing techniques
  4. Develop information architecture and key workflows for each user group
  5. Brainstorm and sketch design ideas
  6. Prototype design ideas for review cross-functionally
  7. Assist in Human Factors testing of prototype(s)
  8. Iterate as needed to incorporate test findings